25 Aug 2010


So its that time of the week again, the time of week when we all get to have a nosey at everyone else's desks. Well you can tell not a lot has happened on mine this week other than being used as a dumping area. So what can we see? the box at the front is the box I keep my paints in that hasn't been put away! (its home is under the desk to the left of this one) then there are some tags to try and give me some inspiration for a challenge!that just isn't working. The superman packet has 10 sheets of coloured white core paper in, its sold in the local art shop for kids but its dirt cheap less than a pound so its great for die cutting. There is a copy of craft stamper waiting to be put away, also my box of collection elements.
 I have just seen the cat! I hadn't seen him when I took the photo. The rest is about the same as last week still waiting to go away. Just cant be bothered as its still too hot to do much.
If you are wondering just what I am talking about has a look over at Julia's blog the link is on the side.
I will try to get round to you all this week, didn't make it last week so will have to try better.

Thanks for reading,


Sue said...

Hi Ya
lovely tidy desk, the cats waiting to play when you leave! lol, have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x

Wipso said...

Have a feeling the cat is waiting for you to turn your back so he can do some crafting. :-)
A x

Twiglet said...

Wish it was too hot to craft here!!! Its pouring down at the mo!

Kirsty.a said...

Hello from France. Will be back next week to show your everythings I've made while I wAS AWAY

Spyder said...

Ohooo very tidy desk!! what's going on the tags? Raining here, Have a great WOYWW!

Helen said...

It's obvious I'm not a cat owner as I had to really look for the cat!

Andria said...

Hi i'm new to WOYWW and I've enjoyed looking at your craty space. Can't wait to see what your finished tags look like.

Artyjen said...

It's chucking it down here!!!
Don't you know there is bank holiday coming up LOL
Hope your goodies arrive safely....I posted them on Saturday by air mail.
xoxo Sioux

Nancy said...

Thanks for sharing a lovely tidy space


Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

haha I wondered whether that was a cat or a cushion :-) great bargain the Superman pack of card Cath
Anne x

joey said...

Hiya Cath

lovely tidy desk


JoZart said...

you aren't complaining about it being HOT are you... I've forgotten how it feels!
lovely and tidy so well done you.
JoZarty x

Cheryl said...

oh lovely tidy desk you have here,hugs cheryl xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

We are STILL having the same weather as you. Will this heat ever break?

I often see things in my photos I didn't notice when I was taking them. That is too funny. Look's like your sweetie has made himself at home. At least he's well behaved and not on the table. Happy WOYWW.

BTW, I've never known if the gender of your cat, but since I have a male, I am attaching that stigma to yours, too (grin).

Carola Bartz said...

I was looking for that cat forever! Fortunately Liverpool Lou mentioned the cushion!
What will happen with the tags?

Sheila said...

Neat and tidy desk. Can't wait to see what happens with the tags.

Alisonw30 said...

Great workspace and the cat looks comfy! Thanks for sharing x

Andrea - Wales, UK said...

Hope you've found some inspiration by the time you read this.

Happy Creating.....sorry i'm a little late!