5 Aug 2010

Normal service will be resumed........

just as soon as the weather cools down and my poor computer stops crashing....
I have just managed to reinstall windows 7 after the one I had informed me it was a copy, and in the process have managed to lose all my contacts. So please if you know me, are reading this and I owe you an email I have lost your address so please email me again. I also lost a lot of photos and other documents.

I am not doing a lot of anything at the moment, did I mention it was hot!!!! 46.6 in the shade last week the highest it has been in 60 years, so I am inside the house with the air con most afternoons. My craft room doesn't have air con, I was thinking about putting it in this year but as we are trying to sell the house there didn't seem any point. OK going to keep this short and might have a chance of getting it published before I go off again.

Thanks for reading,

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