15 May 2011

Who has stolen time??????

I just do not know were time has gone this week. The last time I looked it was 4th May now its the 15th I have lost a fair few days. I think it could be that we have had some awful weather here this last week or so , so I just hide inside doing nothing. When I have emerged from my cocoon of quilt I have been working on this.

What do you think? I have been trying to do faces for a while now, I often do them in my journal but this is the first time I have done something like this. Her face is a bit grubby as one of the cats decided to sit on her whilst I wasn't around! The quote is by Philip Pulman in the "His Great Materials" trilogy, I just liked it so used it. I am going to try horses next!

Thanks for reading,


Jacqueline said...

I like this a lot,you are very brave doing faces. Love all the butterflies too. - Jacqueline xx.

Sheilagh said...

She is lovely:)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Not only do I like the face, I like her hair with the butterflies, and your gorgeous background that holds the quote. I'm super impressed with what you do!