1 May 2011

Colours Swap pages (photo heavy)

Thought I would show you the pages I received the other day from Amy. I colours I picked were Black and Yellow, for no other reason than they were the first that popped into my head, so here is Amy's interpretation for me.

This first photo is the outside of the pages, (they are made to be stitched into a book) on these she has covered the paper with paint they are very touchy feely pages, then she has added the hands. To see more about the construction of these pages go to her web site and have a look, you will find her HERE. (It is not an adult site so I am not sure why you now have to go through the warning but do look her site is worth a visit.)

These are the inner pages that I just love. I would never of thought to do anything like this at all.

I sent my pages to Elizabeth but in the rush to get them finished and posted, then packed for the UK I forgot to take any photos of them, luckily for me Elizabeth has sent me some photos so I can show you what I did. The colours she picked are White and Rust and the page size was A4.

The first page I made I used watercolour paper for the background that I sprayed with white pearl ink spray through a flower stencil. I then made up the flowers using zips that I had tried to rust, adding rusty lace behind them and filling them with small white seed beads. I added the flowers to a piece of white velum that has dragonflies stamped all over it and added the pipe cleaner stems. The flower pot is a piece of rusted material stitched on to the paper, I then added a dragonfly that is made from the pull part of the zip, silk worm cocoons and pins.   

On the back of the page I stitched on more of the rusted fabric to make pockets. I made up three tags one with the dictionary definition of White the other with Rust and the third as my sign in tag.

 My next page I covered with rust I scraped from some wire I found then added some mulberry paper that I picked up in Bangkok. I dressed the doll with some of the lace and fabric that I had used on the other page, added some hair and a few white gems and she was finished.

The last page is the same as before rubbing rust into the damp paper, I then added the words in white card to show the colours that I had used. I was running out of time by now so kept this page simple. As I was packing the pages up to post them I thought I would put them into envelopes to help protect them as I was putting other things in the packet with them, so yes you get it I then had to decorate the envelopes as well!

These I just covered with a mix of brown and gold paints and added strips of the same mulberry paper as I used before. They can now be cut up and used on other things.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing these pages and I haven't bored you to much.

Thanks for reading,


Julia Dunnit said...

Wow..bet E was thrilled skinny with your white and rust...amazing how we all interpret things...have seen Amy's pages -I would never have come up with anything like you or Amy - I'd have just panicked!

FauxPainter - Dee Paramour said...

Wow, loving all your creating. You've grown in confidence and creativly and it's shining through in your work. It's been a pleasure to watch your journey.

akilli melek said...

those pages are great Cath, i especially like the zip flowers.

Kirsty.a said...


Amy said...

hey cath, neat rust pages.
i mail to E this time and i really haven't done rust before, so yours provided supergood inspiration.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I am MORE than impressed and delighted with my wonderful rust and white pages, Cath. And all the gifts you sent me are so incredibly wonderful. I love them all.

I'm also impressed with what Amy did for your pages. I love the yellow and black combination, and believe Amy did a fantastic job.

Terri Kahrs said...

I just popped over from Elizabeth's blog, and am so happy that I did! Your work is stunning!!! Who knew that rusty pages could be so exquisite?!?! Hugs, Terri