27 May 2011

Has anyone seen my MoJo?

Last seen heading out of my craft room door over a week ago.

It all started with me getting a Net Book while I was in UK, then my OH's laptop died a week after I got back. So we have almost reversed roles, where I would go to my craft room check my emails then have a play and see what happens, now the OH is using my desktop in my craft room and I just sit in the house using the Net Book. The last thing I made was the sample card for last weeks class as I now cant get near to my craft table as my OH has dumped all my "junk" as he calls it from my computer table onto it. So no table equals no mojo, I just cannot get any inspiration when I cant get to the table. The only problem is that this is going to last until we can get his laptop fixed and that wont be until we go to the UK in June.......

Thanks for reading,

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Kirsty.a said...

I'd move your precious 'junk' to a new temporary location where you can do what you do best