24 May 2011

A day in the life......

I was having a quick blog hop as you do whilst eating my breakfast this morning and came upon a post by Kirsty all about her day (click on her name if you would like to read it). So I thought I would give you all (or those who are interested) a look at some photos I took last week whilst going to get the mail.
My trip normally starts with the oh giving me a lift on his way to the office but some times I meet up with friends and we make a day out of it. The first thing you hit is the border. (Most people think of Cyprus as Greek but it has been both Greek and Turkish since 1974).

Some days you can get across quite quickly other times you can be stood there for ages.

You then leave the North and enter the South.

I love the old buildings along here, it will be a shame if they are torn down.

You then hit passport control on the Greek side at the other end of no man's land.

This view is from the Greek side. And you are now back in Europe with Starbucks, MacDonald's and the like. I just then nip up to the end of the main road to the post office and the art shop. I have done the whole trip in 2 hours before but I normally stop for some lunch or go shopping with the girls so it takes a lot longer. Then if I have gone on my own I come back by bus, so first its of to the bus stop.

Catch the bus and set off home.

The trip through the mountains is always breath taking no matter what the weather.

Hope you like this small insight in to my world.

Thanks for reading,


Jacqueline said...

Is the weather always that lovely? The pics of the mountains and scenery are just gorgeous - Jacqueline xx.

Kirsty.a said...

Thanks for linking to me. i was worried my hour by hour would be boring to read. It was, howver, really interesting for me to do so i'm going to complete a week in the life of.
Loved your photos of Nicosia and especially the mountains. I've been to South Cyprus (Paphos) twice and loved it. so much history, and great food!