18 May 2011


I am so late with this today but that is better than last week as I missed Wednesday altogether!

So what is on my worktop today and what happened to the nice tidy desk I promised you all last week? I did manage to get my room tidy (but no photo) for a few days but then I started on the picture I showed on my last post and all the good work went out of the window (along with the cat after he sat on said picture) I am aiming to get it back for week 104 but who knows. So back to the table, I can see the card I made as a sample for last Mondays class or was it the week before? who knows I have lost all sense of time at the moment. There are a couple of my journals on there and a load of paint. You also get a good view of where I sprayed a mask missing the paper totally! The rest is just a total mix of junk I think. Must do better next week. Most of you will of been over to see Julia by now but if you haven't here is the link I love her new look.

Talking of things new Jacqueline has a new challenge blog and is looking for a design team so get yourself over to see her here at Make It Monday and have a go.

Thanks for reading, Cath


Jacqueline said...

Thank you so much for the shout out Cath - that's so kind of you. I love seeing your desk there is always lots going on - especially like this missed misting!! - Jacqueline xx.

Helen said...

it is always good to see your wonderful craft table!

The Crafty Elf said...

Great crafting table....I see a lot of those acrylic paints but never given it a go. Another thing to put on my must try list. TFS

Anonymous said...

I have a mini set of acrylic paints but haven't tried them out yet. Never got that far in art when I was at school. Stopped at the poster paint stage!!
Know what you mean about losing days - they have a habit of getting lost in the minutae (sp?) of life.
x Tricia (53)

ScrappnBee said...

LOL about the cat! Actually went back and saw the page and it did not look the worse for wear! Currently we are a 3 cat household, and I can totally sympathize! Thanks for sharing your WOYWWW!- Amanda (scrappnbee) #104

Lisa-Jane said...

I just got into misting this weekend at a retreat and I love it but yes it is messy! That's a lovely mask you've used there. Lisa-Jane #111

Julia Dunnit said...

Lost count of the misting mishaps - honestly, I'm sure the nozzle moves as son as I've determined the optimum height to spray from!! Your desk looks ace to me...at least there's room to make it look uncluttered! Excited that we may yet get to sit and chat this summer - lemme know!

lisa said...

I couldn't leave that misting mishap sitting there, would have to blot it up with a piece of spare paper, you just never know when you could use it!!!
You have a very interesting desk with all those paints and sprays and I had to smile at the cat sitting on your picture, why do cats do that, ours has just walked through a tray of wet paint!!!
Hugs Lisa #94

sandra de said...

What a lovely sized desk to create and now even prettier with the flowers.