2 Dec 2011

Bits and bobs......

I have been at the paints again to see if I can do anything with my lady! To tell the truth I went to start on my Christmas cards, yes I know everyone else is finished but when there are no Christmas adverts, or shops full of things you wouldn't buy at any other time of year it just passes you by a bit. Anyway my book was there and so was my water colour pencils and gesso so I just had to have a go!

A work in progress I think but an enjoyable one. I went to collect the post yesterday and spent some time looking around the shops, they do have Christmas on that side of the Island so it was a nice change. Anyway I was just walking past a shop and I saw a large bag with what looked like books in it, so of I went and had a word with the woman inside who said no they were boxes and would I like one, is the Pope catholic!

What do you think? I left the books in the background and the monitor in the photo so you could see the size it must be about 9x12in I haven't measured it yet. I think I can feel a Christmas box coming on here, as we lost all our Christmas decorations on the move out here I think I will use it for the few decs we have collected over the last few years.

Ok off to play. .

Thanks for reading,


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Gorgeous drawing. I wish I were that talented. And that BOX is amazing. Lucky, lucky you!

Jacqueline said...

Fabulous drawing cath and I will let you into a secret - I haven't started my Christmas card yet either! - Jacqueline xx