20 Jul 2010

Belated Happy Birthday Hal

It was my oh's birthday yesterday so I got to make him a card, now I dont know about youlot but I have trouble making mens cards and when its for your own its even worse, but here is what I came up with.

Its a bit dark on here as I put it in the scanner instead of getting a photo, but I dont think its too bad.

We had a nice day yesterday but today we are going to watch the air display as its a national holiday today in the north. Today is the
anniversary of the day the Turkish army landed on the Island. Now it all depends on which side of the Island you live as to whether they came to stop the mass killings of the Turkish people that had been going on for years or they just decided they wanted to invade Cyprus and divide the Island, the answer is up to you!

Thanks for reading,

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Deezines Art said...

Hi Cath - just thought I'd stop by and say 'hi'. Great card, I agree male cards are not my forte. Hope you enjoyed your day, see you tomorrow at the Stamping Ground - Jacqueline xx.