13 Jul 2010

Painting day (photo added)

Had a great time this morning with my friend Jack as we started the prompts for our Claudine course.
This is jack trying to work out which end of the paintbrush to use!

We had fun with gesso, extra time and paint, we did etching into gesso and we used the trees I had on the table on Wednesday, we stuck them into the gesso now we have to wait for them to dry before we can rub the backs off. We did stamping with watermark pads then painted over and peeled paint technique but mine was all wrong. You can see a few of our efforts here.
Not sure why the yellow page is stood on a plastic cup!
Just got to wait till next week now to do it all again.

 Ok couldnt wait! this is the white and green page from the photo above but after I have taken the backing paper off. I love this technique its like magic.

Thanks for reading,


SDCrafts said...

Thanks for popping by my blog Cath - you have an interesting life in Cyprus - I lived there as RAF child in the late 1960s and would dearly love to go back to those days - sweet memories - thank you for prompting that one - a comfort - will 'see' you again soon as you're in my google reader now - no escape!

Julia Dunnit said...

Aha - I'm sure if I had a chm to come round and force me to, I could get into soemthing ike that - your pages are looking good - lvoe the cheerful colours you've chosen.

Kirsti said...

Looks like the 2 of you had a fun time then.... I decided to buy all the Claudine paints instead of improvising with the ones I had so I spent a little time re-painting all my pages....have finished this weeks prompts and am just away to start the wee project!!! Kirsti xx

Lizzybobs said...

looks like you got very messy and had fun - (HUG) Liz