22 Jul 2010

Whats today? Its play day........

Had a brill time this morning doing Claudines class with Jack. We have decided to stick with doing the class a week behind everyone else as we have trouble sourcing a few things so it will give us time to find alternativies. So this week when I go shopping I have to find two 7in embroidery rings! I have an idea where to find them. Here is a photo of what we got up to today.

I loved doing the painting with the comb through it and the stamping with paint on to sticky back canves, not to sure about the reverse stamping though. The card was done using all of todays techniques.

While I was taking this photo my camera told me it was full so I decided to get rid of a few old photos that are still (dont know why) on there and I found this!
Is there anyone on there you can recognise? look very carefully in the middle and you might just see Lord Tim. This was taken at a class in the NEC two years ago. If you can see yourself on there please let me know.

Right I am off to play some more.

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