2 Jan 2011

12 Day swap pages 7 and 8

So here are pages 7 and 8, it looks like I fixed the problem with the lighting so these are a better colour.

Day 7 was done by Carol Barker but it looks like she doesn't have a blog. The package was wrapped in a lovely turquoise tissue paper with a tag made to look like a stamp. If you look close you can see the number 7 has seven written in it.

The card inside has been painted a blue/green with seven swans on and again the number seven.

Number 8

Number 8 came wrapped in a very jolly Christmas paper that reminded my of my childhood.

Inside was a very nice hand drawn card with 8 milk bottles on to represent 8 maids a milking. This card was from Marilyn who does not seem to have a blog either so we cant see other pieces of her work.

So that is me now up to date with the swaps. Not sure if I am looking forward to opening tomorrows or not. I will explain all then.

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