1 Jan 2011

Happy New Year.

Happy New Year everyone, I hope this year is a good one for you all.

I did manage to get the first six swaps done and on here before I went away but for some reason Mr Blogger has only shown the first three! and lost the rest, so here are days 4,5,and 6.

Day 4

Here is the package for day 4, I am sorry about the quality of the photos I don't know what I did wrong on these. The packaging for this was made out of brown paper stamped on both sides and tied with black fibres.

The card inside has been made using digital photos, inking and the number hung from brads. I cannot do it justice on here so go and have a look at Michelle Jacksons blog HERE to see how it was made and the other wonderful things she does.

Day 5

Day 5s parcel was wrapped up in a lovely red spotty tissue paper tied with gold thread.

The card inside is made from red card with a very nice embossed green card attached, then on that she had set a couple of entwined hearts and five gold rings. This piece came from Marilyn in Australia who doesn't have a blog so I cant point you to her. It is a shame as the photos I took do not show it at its best.

Day 6

Day six came wrapped in tissue that looks red on here but is actually lilac! My bad photography again I think. The parcel was wrapped with a red ribbon and a lovely tag letting me know that this was from Amy McDonald.

I think there must of been something wrong with the lights when I took the photos of these first six swaps as this also looks orange when it is cream in real life. I am not sure how Amy has done this as she has not added this to her blog yet, which can be seen HERE. The colours and texture of this piece are just wonderful.

So there you have it the first six swaps are finally on here, I will be back tomorrow with day seven and eight. I hope you are enjoying seeing these as much as I am enjoying opening them. To see other photos taken of these swaps go to Elizabeth's blog HERE as she is the host and is showing all the cards on her blog.

Thanks for reading,

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