6 Jan 2011

Day 12

Today is the last day of the swap as we are now at the 12th day, so you better have all those Christmas decorations down by now. Today's package came from Jo Ann and again I cant find a blog address for her.

The package was wrapped in a very jolly paper tied with a gold thread, on which were threaded a small light bulb charm, a metal parcel and a round Christmas charm.

Inside was a very nice Drummer boy with all his fellow drummers just waiting to give us a song. The main drummer stands proud of the card with a nice gold chain holding his hat on whilst his fellow drummers are all stamped and lined up around him.
I am going to miss opening a gift each day, but I think I will bind these into a book so I don't loose any and then it can go with all my Christmas things so I can wonder at the craftsmanship each year as I bring it out for the table.

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