4 Jan 2011

Day 10

Today's parcel from Kathy Pawloski was very nicely wrapped in what looks like patterned brown paper with the cutest charm hanging from it.

When I opened this the card almost popped out at me as the Lord is a leaping off the page.

You just can't see it on here but the figure is on a spring made from paper and jiggles when you move it. I cant find a blog for this artist so I am not sure how the background was made but it has a wonderful texture. Then on the back Kathy has made a small booklet giving details about the basis of  10 Lords a Leaping.

The little booklet tucks into a pocket on the back.

So tomorrow is my turn, I just hope everyone likes it as much as I have liked there's.

Thanks for reading,

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Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I know. I'm a horrible person. Here you've been coming to my blog for days on end, leaving wonderful comments, and I haven't even been to visit. I'm a schlep.

Kathy's background is made from textured wallpaper. The technical term is anaglyptus. I used it to make my goose image from the Group 1 swap. Then she colored it, but I'm not sure what she used to color it. It is wonderful stuff. If you have a wallpaper store near you, you might go in and ask about it. It is pronounced ana glip (rhymes with clip) tus. Now I'm off to see what else I've missed.