13 Jan 2011

Random photos taken in Bangkok.

Just thought I would post a few random photos that were taken while we were away.

This first one was taken on the overground train system. Do you remember the days when they would do this in the UK, though I don't think they ever did get up for a Buddhist monk.

Now this one shows that not everything has to move.

This one was taken... well you can see where it was taken, its the last line that gets me! If you cant read it click on the photo to make it bigger.

This one I could not get my head around! do they mean the pickpockets are targeting non Thai's or do they mean the gang is not Thai? answers on a postcard etc etc. 

But my favourite one of all that had me running to the ladies is this one......

The one for the ladies was not as good so I didn't bother with a photo of that. I hope you enjoyed this lot, I will not subject you to all the holiday snaps all 885 of them, but I might add something now and again.

Thanks for reading,


Sherry Edwards said...

Very funny Cath! I love that last one too!

Kirsty.a said...

lOve signs abroad - always good for a giggle

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Oh come on!! Subject us. That sign to the men's room is hilarious. I love how you take photos of signs. It is something I would do. And since I've never taken public transportation, it took me a few minutes to understand the first one. Love your comment, too. You can tell who is revered.